martedì 30 settembre 2014

Italian pastry and jelly cakes

Hello miniature lovers!
I have some new miniatures for you, but not Halloween miniatures yet... I know... I am not working so much in these days...I am trying to put together miniatures I already have, instead on doing new ones. 
Lazy lazy girl I know!
I hope I'll find the right mood to start again and do something new for Halloween. In the meantime I am going to share with you something I put together yesterday.

First, let's start with some classic miniatures by MiniAcquoline: rum babà and sfogliatelle from Napoli and cannoli from Sicily. I had hundreds of single italian pastries left from previous works and projects and I thought I should make trays with them. They fit in miniature pastry shops, miniature kitchens, on miniature tables...they're almost my trademark as you know.

Now something colorful and funny to add a touch of color to the upcoming month of October: an orange jelly with fresh slices of orange all around the base.

I really don't know how to call this miniature, is it a jelly? A bundt cake? A cake? A pudding? 
Let's say it's a mix of all these: a banana cake with a chocolate base.

I promise I'll be back soon with something new, a table maybe.

Have a good day,


giovedì 17 aprile 2014


New miniatures inspired by italian food. This was for a custom order I got a week ago. Very inspiring.
Different types of italian pasta with different types of sauces.

Italian ravioli with butter and sage:

Tagliatelle nest with mushroom sauce:

"Garganelli" with prawns, italian totani (squids) and parsley.

From our beautiful Valtellina, pizzoccheri with potatoes, greens, Casera cheese and a lot of butter and parmigiano or grana padano, with garlic.

giovedì 27 marzo 2014

New italian miniatures

Italian spaghetti with meat sauce.

Italian ravioli with butter, parmesan cheese and sage leaves.

Italian lasagne with meat, bechamel and tomato sauce and with pesto sauce.

martedì 11 marzo 2014

American Miniaturist Feature

Hello miniature lovers!

I am pleased to announce that the new issue of the magazine American Miniaturist features a beautiful seven-pages article about my life and my work as a miniaturist. I tried to tell my story, how things can change for the worst and how I coped with everything, and how miniatures have helped me to take my mind off the bad things in my life.

And if the article was not enough, there are also two amazing pages with some Easter miniatures I have made.

I am really proud of this and very thankful for this opportunity I have been given. 

Now, for this issue's Easter gallery I wanted to make something new, and I eventually came up with these miniature chocolate eggs, decorated with white chocolate doves and chocolate rabbits, flowers and swirls. I think they would fit perfectly in a miniature pastry shop:

venerdì 3 gennaio 2014

I need your opinion!

Hello my friends,
I hope you've had and you're having fabulous, happy holidays.

I'm writing today with a question for you. If I had to do a step-to-step tutorial about how to make a miniature item of mine, what would you like me to "teach" you?
I've posted a lot of miniatures during these months and I was wondering if there's something that you've found particularly interesting and that would be worth seeing in a tutorial. I made so many miniatures that I really don't know what to choose...maybe something from my italian miniatures? A cake? Italian pastries?
Tell me anything you'd like to know more about.

Please leave me your feedback!
Have a great day,
Lots of love,

venerdì 4 ottobre 2013

Little Italy

Back with some new miniatures and it's time for some italian food now.

I made two types of italian lasagne: Lasagne alla bolognese, with meat and tomato sauce and Lasagne al pesto, with basil sauce. Both are yummy and crispy and delicious and 100% italian!

Cats hair everywhere =D !!

I also made another type of italian pasta, Cannelloni with pesto sauce. They're almost like a lasagna rolled over with a filling made with bechamel, sliced potatoes, green beans and pesto sauce.

And last but not least, a Pasqualina Cake from Liguria as well. It's made with chards, eggs, pecorino cheese, ricotta cheese and a hard-boiled egg in the middle of the filling.

Everything available on my Etsy shop.

martedì 1 ottobre 2013

Last custom orders

Today I want to share with you some of the miniatures I made for my last custom orders. It has been great, working for such nice customers who asked me wonderful miniatures. They've given me the inspiration I needed to go back to work and think of new miniatures.

First of all, I made these three boards: "How to make italian ravioli". I had no boards ready to use, so I had to make them, find the wood pieces, saw them and put them all together. Funny job, I always like to play the little carpenter of the house who prepare wood things, boards, tables and so on... I have to make such things since my dad died thanks to a wrong diagnosis (in 3 months, of pancreatic cancer in 2011) and we have no man in the house.
Anyway, these are the boards:

Then I was requested to make the cutest charm ever on the cutest necklace ever. First I made some cassata cake slice charms and then when the customer choose the one she preferred, I made a short necklace with a pink cord and here it is:

And last but not least I got a huge beautiful custom order and this week I made all these miniatures, which the customer choose from the tables I have on my Etsy shop. I know some people see the big tables I make and sometimes they don't want the whole table, but still they want a specific miniature, so if that's your case, ask me and I will do that special miniature for you, like I did this time!
What do we have here? Let's see:

From my Milanese table we have the Christmas "Panettone", "Ossobuchi alla Milanese", "Cotolette alla Milanese" or schnitzels. Then we have something from my Ligurian table: the codfish, the "Torta Pasqualina" cake the "Pesto" preparation board, the "Pasta with Pesto sauce", the "Focaccia" bread, and the "Cima alla Genovese" meatloaf. From my Sicilian table, the "Pasta alla Norma" with tomato sauce and aubergines.

Also, I'll be putting some new miniatures on my Etsy shop because I made some new ones while I was working for this order.
Thanks for reading my blog,