giovedì 23 dicembre 2010

Have a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays!

Merry Christmas and a big thank you to my followers here, on Etsy and on Facebook and all the customers on Etsy who chose a MiniAcquoline miniature and who made my year as a miniaturist very special and happy!

Buon Natale e grazie a tutti quelli che seguono il blog, il negozio su Etsy, la pagina Facebook e a tutti coloro che hanno scelto una miniatura MiniAcquoline su Etsy e che hanno reso il mio anno come miniaturista molto speciale e gratificante!

sabato 11 dicembre 2010

More Christmassy items ...

Hey hey hey!! Ho ho ho!! O_o"

Ok, these are some random Christmas miniatures I still have to show.

First of all, something really simple and easy to make but very nice and funny. I love putting these miniature Christmas biscuits all together on a tray and admire them as if I was in a bakery shop!

And I put some cookies and Christmas candies in paper boxes too, as I said in my last post.
These boxes are made with photo quality paper, each one has a different vintage Christmas picture and each one is filled with a different mix of cookies, biscuits and candies.

I especially love the chocolate and butter cookies, because they're my favourite in real life too and they're very beautiful to see!

Then, I have some Christmas baskets full of Christmas goodies!

 These baskets are handmade and each one contains mixed Christmas goodies.

In this one you can find a nougat wrapped in plastic paper, a big gingerbread heart with little cherries, a paper cone with green and white candies, dates, a italian panettone wrapped in plastic paper, a box of cookies with a vintage Santa picture.

This basket contains:
a paper cone with candies, a big slice of Panettone with a nougat and some cinnamon sticks, a plastic bag filled with candies and cookies, a paper box with mixed biscuits.

Another basket with a blue elegant ribbon contains the same things: nougats, a panettone, a bag and a paper box of biscuits.

See you soon! =)

venerdì 3 dicembre 2010

Christmas Gingerbread Houses

 Hi everyone, this is a very quick post to show my miniature gingerbread houses.

I had never done a gingerbread house with Fimo before, and I must say it's pretty complicated because everything is so incredibly little, but it's also very funny too!

I spent a lot of time thinking about what type of cookies I should have put on the roof, how I should have maken the doors and windows and so on ... and after all, I'm pretty happy about the final result!

With the gingerbread houses I also made some Christmas pastry. There are snowmen, Christmas trees and stars, hearts, stockings and other cookies:
 One snowmen is standing out of one gingerbread house!

I'll post some more pictures on my Flickr album as soon as I can, to show all the details.

venerdì 26 novembre 2010

Christmas miniature tables

Here are my Christmas miniature tables!

Let's start from the biggest one ... I already had this beautiful dark wood table and I thought it was perfect to display some Christmas miniatures.

To make it more Christmassy I put some Christmas greetings cards hanging from the table ... and of course I added some little gifts wrapped in gold and green paper and two little candles on golden stars.

Food miniatures are: my sliced Christmas chocolate cake with little green trees and cherries, a chocolate roll filled with cream and covered with chocolate cream and cherries, with cookies and candies on the same plate, a big sliced italian Panettone and next to it two gingerbread girls, two lollipops, two nougats.
Then, I added a very simple chocolate house, a paper box with cookies .... 
  and a rather rich fruit (nuts, grape, oranges, cinammon) centrepiece on a plastic cake stand.

Now let's talk about my first Christmas table, this one here, with a beautiful red cloth on a white one:

The things I put on this one are almost the same as the previous one ... ahahah! Not very creative ...
Another chocolate roll, another sliced Panettone, a paper box with biscuits, a chocolate house, a nougat and some Christmas pastries.

 Now, on this one there's something new!
Italian traditional "struffoli" on a plastic plate in the center of the table!

And some funny gingerbread girls and heart shaped cookies on a decorated paper tray!

Plus, the Panettone is filled with chocolate cream ...

This is my newest miniature table, in fact there's one of my new paper boxes with mixed cookies.

I'm selling these little paper boxes in sets of three on my Etsy shop. Each one has a different vintage Christmas image and is filled with different mixed Christmas cookies or candies.

See them here:
Xmas paper boxes

mercoledì 24 novembre 2010

What I would put on my Xmas table ...

Today I'd like to show some new miniatures I've done this week. They're not strictly about Christmas, but they could perfectly fit on a Christmas table, or at least on my Christmas table!
Ecco alcune miniature nuove che ho fatto questa settimana. Non sono strettamente natalizie, ma secondo me starebbero benissimo sulla tavola di Natale.

To start the dinner, I'd choose a simple plate of fresh shrimps with salad, olive oil and a slice of lemon to add that final touch of taste.
Per iniziare sceglierei un semplice piatto di gamberi, con un po' di insalata fresca, olio d'oliva e una fettina di limone che esalti il sapore.

I think everybody knows where I learnt to make miniature shrimps. I'm talking about Angie Scarr and her beautiful books, which show the perfect technique to make realistic shrimps.
Tutti sanno dove si può imparare a fare gamberi in miniatura così realistici. Sto parlando di Angie Scarr e dei suoi libri che mostrano la tecnica perfetta per raggiungere un ottimo risultato.

Then I'd go on with a deliciouse italian traditional dish: lasagne alla bolognese.
What makes this dish so irresistible is the balance of cheese, tomato sauce, meat and pasta all perfectly mixed together.
Per proseguire, un bel piatto di lasagne. Direi che non c'è niente da aggiungere: irresistibili!

As a dessert, cream puffs, or choux pastry, with a hot caramel sauce on top, on a white ceramic dish with a gold ribbon as a decoration.
Come dessert, bignè alla cream ricoperti da una colata di caramello caldo, serviti su un piatto di ceramica decorato con un nastrino d'oro.

Ok, these were my new miniatures, I hope you liked them they're all available on my Etsy shop in case you liked them very very much! See you very soon, I have to show you lots and lots of Christmas miniatures!

mercoledì 17 novembre 2010

Miniature italian mussels

Hello! I'm still working on some pictures of my new Christmas gingerbread houses and cookies, so today I'm just posting some of my miniature mussels I've made and put on cute little yellow plates. Besides, I wouldn't mind having a plate like this on my italian Christmas table!

Siccome sto ancora aggiustando le foto che ho fatto alle mie cassette e ai biscotti natalizi, oggi posto le foto dei nuovi piattini di cozze.

These are fresh mussels from the italians sea, ready to be eaten, spiced and with a bit of parsley on top.  
Cozze fresche italiane! Pronte da gustare, pepate e piccanti al punto giusto e con un po' di prezzemolo.

Because I love doing miniature mussels so much, I've done many little plates!

As usual, my miniature mussels are available on my Etsy shop: Miniature mussels on Etsy

Hopefully, next time I'll be ready to post my new Christmas miniatures ... Bye!

domenica 14 novembre 2010

As promised ...

These are the two new Christmas treats red display boxes I've just done to replace the sold one. They're now available again on my Etsy shop.

martedì 9 novembre 2010

Christmas display boxes

Today I want to start showing some of my new miniatures for Christmas. These are three display boxes filled with cookies, candies, candy cones, lollipops, nougats and gingerbread girls. I had already made these boxes for Halloween and filled them with treats and lollipops, and since I loved them, I thought I might make some Christmas ones too.

Iniziamo con le miniature natalizie! Questi sono i primi tre espositori che ho fatto, riempiti con dolcetti, biscotti, caramelle, lecca-lecca, donnine di panpepato, torroni (insomma, leccornie natalizie!). Il modello è lo stesso degli espositori per Halloween, che avevo dipinto di nero e riempito con altri dolcetti arancioni e neri, zucchette e lecca-lecca. Ho pensato che sarebbe stato altrettanto divertente farne una versione natalizia!

All the display boxes are handmade using light wood, and painted in white or red with acrylic painting.

Each one has a different vintage Christmas picture. This one for example has got a white, blue and gold vintage picture of Santa Claus.

Each display box also has a paper or plastic decoration all around. This one is golden.

Tutti gli espositori sono costruiti a mano in legno leggero e dipinti di bianco o rosso acrilico.
Ogni espositore ha un'immagine vintage natalizia, questo a fianco ad esempio ha l'immagine di un Babbo Natale nei colori bianco, blu e oro. Inoltre in ogni miniatura è presente un fregio di carta che gira attorno all'espositore, oppure delle decorazioni applicate in plastica. Qui abbiamo un'elegante decorazione dorata.

What can you find in these little boxes? Lots and lots of Christmas candies and biscuits, of course!

Each box has mixed candies and cookies ... there may be paper cones with green and white or red and white candies, plastic bags with Xmas cookies (starts, trees, Xmas stockings ... ), lollipops or candy canes, nougats and little gingerbread girls.

Ogni espositore è riempito con vari dolcetti. Ci possono essere coni di carta ripieni di caramelle rosse e bianche o verdi, rosse e bianche, lecca-lecca o bastoncini, sacchettini con biscotti a forma di stella, calzina, alberello, torroni e donnine di panpepato.

These displays are available on my Etsy shop! To see more and purchase them, follow the link:
Displays on Etsy
(the red one will be available again very soon =D )

Questi displays sono disponibili sul mio negozio Etsy (cliccate sul link in alto). Quello rosso sarà presto disponibile di nuovo.

See you next time for more Christmas MiniAcquoline!

martedì 2 novembre 2010

Patisserie .. cookies, biscuits and croissants ... waiting for Christmas!

Hello my friends, I hope you've had a spooky, funny Halloween!

So, now ... before the Christmas miniatures collection, I want to post some (I think XD) adorable mini cookies, biscuits and croissants I've just made during this week with some metal round trays, beautiful elegant paper doilies and of course my beloved Fimo polymer clay.

Ciao a tutti, spero abbiate passato un Halloween spaventosamente divertente!
Ora, prima della valanga di miniature natalizie, voglio postare alcune, penso, adorabili miniature di biscotti e brioches che ho fatto durante la settimana usando i miei nuovi vassoi tondi dorati, bellissimi ed eleganti centrini di carta e chiramente il Fimo.

So, first of all some of our famous italian Bucaneve biscuits.
Prima di tutto i famosi Bucaneve!!

Then, three round trays full of little croissants, little Bucaneve biscuits, very simple cookies and a bigger Bucaneve biscuit in the middle.
One of the trays has just many many croissants!
Poi, tre vassoi tondi pieni di briochine, piccoli biscotti Bucaneve, frollini tondi molto semplici a un grande Bucaneve al centro.
Il vassoio più in basso ha due giri di fragranti briochine!

Two versions of the same oval tray: a golden one and a silver one, both with big Bucaneve biscuits decorated with pink strawberry icing.
Due versioni dello stesso vassoio ovale: uno dorato e uno argentato contenenti grandi Bucaneve decorati con glassa alla fragola.

This is a very simple tray, but all these butter cookies just make me want to have breakfast ... NOW!
Questo semplicissimo con frollini tondi e quadrati mi fa venire voglia di fare colazione, adesso ... SUBITO!

Yes yes, I love croissants ... I love the very little ones and of course the big ones ... "cornetto e cappuccio" for our italian breakfast!
Sì sì, adoro le briochine ... mi piacciono quelle piccoline e i cornetti da inzuppare nel cappuccino per una colazione tutta italiana!

As I said, I'll be back soon because I've some Christmas miniatures ready to be shown!
Tornerò presto con le miniature di Natale!

mercoledì 27 ottobre 2010

New Halloween and autumn table



This is my last Halloween table! I've thought about this table because adult people also wanna have a party and so they need a posh table ready for the night! It has a cake stand with a sliced chocolate cake, some mixed Halloween pastries and some chocolate and orange cupcakes on a paper doily. There are also two paper plates with some treats and chocolates! 

Ecco l'ultimo tavolino per Halloween. Siccome anche gli adulti vogliono festeggiare, ecco per loro un tavolino pronto per un party elegante! Una torta al cioccolato su un'alzatina, dei cioccolatini e delle praline in tema, dei muffin decorati su un elegante centrino di carta. Ci sono anche due piattini pronti con alcuni dolcetti di Halloween e cioccolatini!

 This is one here is a new autumn table with pumpkins I had to make due to Etsy problems =D I tried to make it as similar as possible and It's been hard, but I think it's just as good as the previous one or ... even better!

Ed un nuovo tavolo autunnale con zucche che ho dovuto rifare a causa di problemi commerciali =D Ho cercato di rifarlo quasi uguale al precedente e non è stato semplice, ma penso che sia venuto bene come l'altro, o forse anche meglio!

giovedì 21 ottobre 2010

Miniature Halloween tables

Ok ... let's start saying I love love LOVE doing Halloween miniatures, I think they're just super funny to make, and moreover the first miniature table I sold just few days after opening my shop on Etsy was this Halloween table here:

It had a big cake which was so hard to pack for the shipping XD but I was so happy!

Ecco le mie miniature di Halloween, le mie preferite in assoluto! Questi due tavoli sono i primi che ho fatto e venduto l'anno scorso. E' stato un'impresa impacchettare il primo per via della torta super fragile XD

And this one was the second table I made, it was kinda simple and traditional, with a carved pumpkin, some treats and a little cake.

Un tavolo più semplice, con una zucca intagliata e alcuni dolcetti...

 So when September started this year, I was so excited about start thinking about and working on Halloween miniatures again.
These are the tables I made during this beautiful month:

Ecco i tavoli che ho fatto durante questo mese, felicissima di lavorare di nuovo sulle miniature di Halloween!

On this table, I particularly like the cake with the three little ghosts, so cute ... and the treats display box, which is always funny to make.
Oh, and the black cloth with silver starts is just spooky as a Halloween night!

Di questo tavolo mi piacciono pasticolarmente i tre piccoli fantasmi sulla torta, e il display con le caramelle.
Oh, e la tovaglia nera con le stelle argentate, come una paurosa notte di Halloween!

Then I made this table here, which has an orange cloth and many little witches flying all around.
What I like about this table are the pastry: the witch hats filled with orange cream and the chocolate cupcakes with orange cream as well.
What about the cake with a smiling pumpkin face made of chocolate? =D

Poi ho fatto questo tavolo, che ha una tovaglia arancione e un festone con tante streghette che volano attorno al tavolo. Quello che più mi piace di questo tavolo sono i pasticcini a forma di cappello di strega riempiti con crema all'arancia e i muffin sempre con la stessa crema.
E la torta con la faccia di zucca che sorride di cioccolato? =D

This table is a little simpler than the others but what I really really like is the cloth, because "Halloween Groove" is written on it.

Un tavolo più semplice degli altri, ma con una tovaglia particolare: infatti in mezzo s'intravvede la scritta "Halloween Groove".
And then, last but not least, this is the only table that hasn't been sold, but it's so cute because it has two adorable white ghosts flying on the black cloth. This one reminds a bit of the first one I made last year, because it has a carved pumpkin with a candle and the same cake with the spiderweb and little treats.             

E l'ultimo rimasto a casa, un carinissimo tavolo con due fantasmini volanti. Mi ricorda un po' il primo fatto, con la zucca intagliata e la torta con la ragnatela e i dolcetti.                                         
And .... ta-taaaaa!!! This is the BIG Halloween table that has been featured on October's CDHM IMag. I'm so proud of this table, especially of the big orange cake with spiderwebs and spider all over. And what about the little pumpkins pastry filled with chocolate cream?!

E questo grande tavolo, di cui vado molto orgogliosa per il fatto che è stato pubblicato sul numero di Ottobre della rivista IMag del sito CDHM, e per la grande torta arancione con le ragnatele e i ragnetti.