venerdì 26 novembre 2010

Christmas miniature tables

Here are my Christmas miniature tables!

Let's start from the biggest one ... I already had this beautiful dark wood table and I thought it was perfect to display some Christmas miniatures.

To make it more Christmassy I put some Christmas greetings cards hanging from the table ... and of course I added some little gifts wrapped in gold and green paper and two little candles on golden stars.

Food miniatures are: my sliced Christmas chocolate cake with little green trees and cherries, a chocolate roll filled with cream and covered with chocolate cream and cherries, with cookies and candies on the same plate, a big sliced italian Panettone and next to it two gingerbread girls, two lollipops, two nougats.
Then, I added a very simple chocolate house, a paper box with cookies .... 
  and a rather rich fruit (nuts, grape, oranges, cinammon) centrepiece on a plastic cake stand.

Now let's talk about my first Christmas table, this one here, with a beautiful red cloth on a white one:

The things I put on this one are almost the same as the previous one ... ahahah! Not very creative ...
Another chocolate roll, another sliced Panettone, a paper box with biscuits, a chocolate house, a nougat and some Christmas pastries.

 Now, on this one there's something new!
Italian traditional "struffoli" on a plastic plate in the center of the table!

And some funny gingerbread girls and heart shaped cookies on a decorated paper tray!

Plus, the Panettone is filled with chocolate cream ...

This is my newest miniature table, in fact there's one of my new paper boxes with mixed cookies.

I'm selling these little paper boxes in sets of three on my Etsy shop. Each one has a different vintage Christmas image and is filled with different mixed Christmas cookies or candies.

See them here:
Xmas paper boxes

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  1. That's my vision for Christmas, plenty of food and goodness lol they look like an actual table right? I am impressed:)
    health is riches

  2. Me gusta mucho la navidad, y tus miniaturas mucho mas.FELICIDADES por tus trabajos.

  3. @Daphne
    Thank you, I'm happy you like them because I love them too :)
    Gracias! Siempre me encanta trabajar y hacer miniaturas para la Navidad.