mercoledì 17 novembre 2010

Miniature italian mussels

Hello! I'm still working on some pictures of my new Christmas gingerbread houses and cookies, so today I'm just posting some of my miniature mussels I've made and put on cute little yellow plates. Besides, I wouldn't mind having a plate like this on my italian Christmas table!

Siccome sto ancora aggiustando le foto che ho fatto alle mie cassette e ai biscotti natalizi, oggi posto le foto dei nuovi piattini di cozze.

These are fresh mussels from the italians sea, ready to be eaten, spiced and with a bit of parsley on top.  
Cozze fresche italiane! Pronte da gustare, pepate e piccanti al punto giusto e con un po' di prezzemolo.

Because I love doing miniature mussels so much, I've done many little plates!

As usual, my miniature mussels are available on my Etsy shop: Miniature mussels on Etsy

Hopefully, next time I'll be ready to post my new Christmas miniatures ... Bye!

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