sabato 11 dicembre 2010

More Christmassy items ...

Hey hey hey!! Ho ho ho!! O_o"

Ok, these are some random Christmas miniatures I still have to show.

First of all, something really simple and easy to make but very nice and funny. I love putting these miniature Christmas biscuits all together on a tray and admire them as if I was in a bakery shop!

And I put some cookies and Christmas candies in paper boxes too, as I said in my last post.
These boxes are made with photo quality paper, each one has a different vintage Christmas picture and each one is filled with a different mix of cookies, biscuits and candies.

I especially love the chocolate and butter cookies, because they're my favourite in real life too and they're very beautiful to see!

Then, I have some Christmas baskets full of Christmas goodies!

 These baskets are handmade and each one contains mixed Christmas goodies.

In this one you can find a nougat wrapped in plastic paper, a big gingerbread heart with little cherries, a paper cone with green and white candies, dates, a italian panettone wrapped in plastic paper, a box of cookies with a vintage Santa picture.

This basket contains:
a paper cone with candies, a big slice of Panettone with a nougat and some cinnamon sticks, a plastic bag filled with candies and cookies, a paper box with mixed biscuits.

Another basket with a blue elegant ribbon contains the same things: nougats, a panettone, a bag and a paper box of biscuits.

See you soon! =)

3 commenti:

  1. Natalia, suas minis de Natal estão lindas!
    Amei todas elas. Parabéns.
    Adriana Guedes

  2. The Christmas biscuits are wonderful.
    I love the Christmas baskets. They are superb.
    Merry Christmas.

  3. Ciao! fantastici i tuoi minicibi!!!! sei bravissima!! Se passia trovarmi sul mio blog ho un piccolo premio/gioco per te!!
    baci baci