giovedì 20 gennaio 2011

Saint Valentine's day MiniAcquoline collection now available

A very quick post to present my new Saint Valentine's miniature cakes and biscuits which I all put on a table to show them all together but each one separately is available on Etsy.
So here they are, I must admit they are all kind of ... pink I'd say! But I'm very happy about them, especially about the rectangular strawberries cake and the little heart-shaped dark pink cakes.

So, as I said, each miniature cake is available on my Etsy shop and each one has a proper description with all the infos you need to know there and most of all each one has bigger pictures showing all the parts in higher definition.

I hope you like them all and see ya soon, I already have some pictures of two colorful and big cakes!
I must go now because my cat is going crazy because he's just woken up and wants to play so badly, hahaha!

Natalia - MiniAcquoline

mercoledì 12 gennaio 2011

Saint Valentine's party tables and ... Camillo the cat!

Hi everyone, I'm finally back with some new miniatures and news!

Let's start with my new miniature tables. I've done two Saint Valentine's tables and some Saint Valentine's cakes and paper boxes filled with cookies, but let's start with my tables today, so ...  here they are:

 This one is "the pink table" and I think it's very elegant and perfect for a romantic date.
There's a big decorated cake on a ceramic cakestand, some mixed cookies, heart-shaped crackers and macarons, some pink roses and a huge paper box (it's closed but it's supposed to be filled with Saint Valentine's cookies!).

Here you can see the lower part of this round table: the tray with chocolate biscuits and two square ceramic cups filled with hot chocolate and cream.

And here is the whole table:

The second table I made is "the green one".

It's full of cookies and biscuits: pink heart-shaped biscuits on a square ceramic plate, cookies in the paper box, mixed hearts on a metal tray and cupcakes on a cakestand!

This is the square chocolate "Love" cake, decorated with cranberry cream and white hearts.

Next to it, some roses and a Saint Valentine's card.

Inside the paper box (which is decorated with a vintage picture) some butter and chocolate cookies.

These tables are now available on my Etsy shop!

And now ... Camillo!

He's a blue bicolor tabby RagDoll cat, his eyes are light blue with some green, he's exactly 4 months old and he's just adorable! He's so funny, runs and jumps everywhere, eats a lot, plays a lot, sleeps behind the sofa during the night and loves to be cuddled by his two moms and his daddy! He drives us mad sometimes because he's always hungry and wants to eat everything that's on the table and that we eat but he's too beautiful and sweet and we love him!

I'll be back soon with some other Saint Valentine's miniatures! CIAO!

domenica 2 gennaio 2011

Back with some news and pumpkins!

Hey guys, happy new year!
I'm sorry I haven't posted much in these days but I've been super busy because we'll soon have a new family member ... a 4 months old ragdoll kitten, named Camillo! So, I have to buy everything he needs, I have to clean and prepare the house and most of all I have to hide all my miniatures because they're just everywhere and I don't want my kitten to eat them or just play with them.

But ... I've also worked and prepared some new miniatures, most of all cakes, which I'm going to show you very soon, I just have to complete some of them with doilies and other decorations. All I can say is, they're are really ... pink!

I also had to make another pumpkins table, but since it's just like the old ones and it's reserved, I'm going to show you another pumpkins table, which is slightly different and which I made for this miniatures exhibition
Miniaturitalia in Milan, in February.
See you soon with my new mini cakes and some pictures of my kitten Camillo!

Ok, so this is the new table:

Ciao e buon anno a tutti!
Sono stata un po' assente in questi giorni, lo so, ma sto per adottare un gattino Ragdoll di 4 mesi di nome Camillo e ho dovuto letteralmente ribaltare la casa per fargli spazio e mettere tutte le sue cose.
Soprattutto ho dovuto chiudere tutte le miniature in scatole ermetiche, così non se le mangia, non le fa cadere e non le distrugge giocandoci, perchè è un cucciolo bello vivace, a giudicare da come si rincorre e si rotola con la sorellina ... comunque ho anche lavorato e ho preparato un buon numero di nuove miniature, soprattutto torte che vi mostrerò fra qualche giorno perchè devo ancora aggiungere i centrini e qualche particolare per finirle del tutto. Posso solo dire che mi sembrano molto ... rosa!
Poi ho dovuto rifare i tavoli con le zucche, uno riservato uguale ai precedenti e invece uno leggermente diverso che porterò a Miniaturitalia, in Febbraio, di cui ho postato le foto qui sopra.
A presto con le nuove tortine e qualche foto di Camillo!