giovedì 20 gennaio 2011

Saint Valentine's day MiniAcquoline collection now available

A very quick post to present my new Saint Valentine's miniature cakes and biscuits which I all put on a table to show them all together but each one separately is available on Etsy.
So here they are, I must admit they are all kind of ... pink I'd say! But I'm very happy about them, especially about the rectangular strawberries cake and the little heart-shaped dark pink cakes.

So, as I said, each miniature cake is available on my Etsy shop and each one has a proper description with all the infos you need to know there and most of all each one has bigger pictures showing all the parts in higher definition.

I hope you like them all and see ya soon, I already have some pictures of two colorful and big cakes!
I must go now because my cat is going crazy because he's just woken up and wants to play so badly, hahaha!

Natalia - MiniAcquoline

2 commenti:

  1. Che fame! Io sono molto golosa di dolci e i tuoi sono così li sto gustando ...con gli occhi. Bravissima!!