mercoledì 12 gennaio 2011

Saint Valentine's party tables and ... Camillo the cat!

Hi everyone, I'm finally back with some new miniatures and news!

Let's start with my new miniature tables. I've done two Saint Valentine's tables and some Saint Valentine's cakes and paper boxes filled with cookies, but let's start with my tables today, so ...  here they are:

 This one is "the pink table" and I think it's very elegant and perfect for a romantic date.
There's a big decorated cake on a ceramic cakestand, some mixed cookies, heart-shaped crackers and macarons, some pink roses and a huge paper box (it's closed but it's supposed to be filled with Saint Valentine's cookies!).

Here you can see the lower part of this round table: the tray with chocolate biscuits and two square ceramic cups filled with hot chocolate and cream.

And here is the whole table:

The second table I made is "the green one".

It's full of cookies and biscuits: pink heart-shaped biscuits on a square ceramic plate, cookies in the paper box, mixed hearts on a metal tray and cupcakes on a cakestand!

This is the square chocolate "Love" cake, decorated with cranberry cream and white hearts.

Next to it, some roses and a Saint Valentine's card.

Inside the paper box (which is decorated with a vintage picture) some butter and chocolate cookies.

These tables are now available on my Etsy shop!

And now ... Camillo!

He's a blue bicolor tabby RagDoll cat, his eyes are light blue with some green, he's exactly 4 months old and he's just adorable! He's so funny, runs and jumps everywhere, eats a lot, plays a lot, sleeps behind the sofa during the night and loves to be cuddled by his two moms and his daddy! He drives us mad sometimes because he's always hungry and wants to eat everything that's on the table and that we eat but he's too beautiful and sweet and we love him!

I'll be back soon with some other Saint Valentine's miniatures! CIAO!

2 commenti:

  1. He's gorgeous! My daughter said ahhhhhh what a cute kitty. I can see why you love him:) Love the valentines miniatures. x Julie

  2. these look wonderful! great work you make!