martedì 1 febbraio 2011

CDHM IMag February 2011

Hello everybody,
Surprise, surprise!!! CDHM IMag is out now with the February issue and it features my miniature Ravioli table! Here's the link to the page: CDHM - Foods in miniature

I'm happy people like this table so much, since this is such a typical italian table and represents what I create in the best way. Here are some larger pictures of the table in the different versions I made for my customers:

This is the last one I've made and it's sold, which means I have to do a new one, or maybe two new ones because I absolutely want to bring them to Miniaturitalia, the fair I'll take part of in two weeks here in Milan!
 This is probably my favourite version, or maybe it's just the picture!
Every table is different from the other, this is the beautiful thing about miniatures, each one is an OOAK.

And this is the very first one ... who knew it would have been so successful ?

See you soon with more miniatures!

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