lunedì 30 maggio 2011

Fast food, hamburgers, chicken and fries! Part One

Hello! I've decided to open my own miniature fast food! I must say I'm not a big fan of fast food products and I just went there as a child with friends... now, I think fast foods and just funny to reproduce as a miniature because everything in the fast food world is colorful, funny and perfect in its own way.

So, this is the result of my hard work with paper, a lot of glue and polymer clay.

I had to do a board with a complete fast food meal, so this is a wooden board with handmade coke paper cups, a paper box of popcorn chickens, french fries, a chicken hamburger and a meatball sub, ready to be eaten and half-wrapped in paper.

This is a meatball sub as you can see from the meatballs inside of it!

This is a big round fast food table in my own MiniAcquoline Fast Food. Each one has MiniAcquoline placemat and a paper plate with a hamburger or fried chicken and mixed vegetables or fries. In the middle of the table two big paper boxes of popcorn chicken and fried chicken.

This is my own fast food, and as you can see we only give you tasty food!

Fried chicken and chicken popcorns in these popcorn paper boxes.

We have coke paper cups, Fanta orange juice and Sprite bottles.

I still have to finish a board and some other fast food miniatures, so I'll be back soon with part two!

5 commenti:

  1. You are sooo good making miniature food...nice colour combinations!! :) Sooo real. I'm hungry..hehehe. Thank you for sharing..

  2. Your miniature food is very lovely!!!

  3. Thank you everybody, I'm glad you like my fast food minis!

  4. that's very nice!!!!!!!!!!