domenica 1 maggio 2011

New miniatures: miscellanea

You know I'm happy always to make special miniatures for customers who ask for them... and these are some of the miniatures I made last week for a customers who made a long list of beautiful and inspiring foods and dishes.
First of all, I had to make packages of biscuits and this was hard but funny!
This is a package of Bucaneve biscuits, the ones I'd already made and put on a square tray.

And these three are a package of Oro Saiwa biscuits, a package of rice Gallo and a package of Macine biscuits. These are also available on my Etsy shop.

Now some of the foods and dishes I made...
Here you can see a braid bread, two omelette with orange jam, a typical italian dish of codfish, olives and onions, italian gorgonzola cheese and nuts and peppers ratatouille.
Omelettes are still available so if you want them, ask!

 On a round wood chopping board, a big gorgonzola cheese with nuts.
 These are two schnitzels with fries and lemon and a round metal plate with frankfurter. One of these two schniztel is now available on my Etsy shop.

Three supercute jars containing pickled olives, onions and gherkins. The one containing black olives is still available.

Here we have fresh and delicious krapfen with custard and sweet sugar on top.

And this is a typical italian dish which is a tripe soup my grandma from Rome used to make. It's tasty and yummy and it's made with tomatoes, beans and tripe.

A rectangular basket with artichokes and next to it, you can see a bit of another basket with pomegranates

As you can see, I love to work for my customers and so if you want something special or a weird miniature food just ask and I'll do it for you!

Bye Bye!

2 commenti:

  1. Che cibo invitante! Siccome amo molto i dolci le scatole di biscotti sono le mie preferite e non solo in miniatura..
    Ciao Faby

  2. le scatole dei biscotti sono molto carine, anche se relativamente facili da fare, immagino... complimenti invece per i carciofi!! è la prima volta che li vedo in miniatura!! brava!