martedì 28 giugno 2011

A picnic in the park

Since I've sold the miniature picnic I had made some time ago, I thought I'd better do one more, because I really liked the previous one and it had been featured in a lot of treasuries on Etsy. Then I found out I had so many items that could fit that I could do at least two or maybe even three miniature picnics!
So here are my two miniature picnics and there might be a third one, I already have one basket ready so I'll see.

This first one  looks like the old one, because it has a thermos in the basket and then the rectangular basket with cherries... but the big basket is really richer and fuller than the old one because there's a lot of stuff in there: a sandwich, different cheeses, pieces of fried chicken, focaccia bread, an italian pie, a little bread with sliced salami. And then on the green tablecloth there's lot more as you can see, including a homemade tart.

This second one here is a bit different because there are new items in the basket, like a bottle of Fanta and a book of cake recipes and then we have a round pie with vegetables and cheese cream on the tablecloth. I also added a little plate with some fresh fruit, sliced watermelom, a green apple and cherries, two little cakes with apricot jam and then because this picnic needed something salty, I put a little sandwich and a slice of pizza with cheese.

All the miniature baskets are also handmaded by me!

sabato 25 giugno 2011

Independence Day cake and mistakes (for free) ...

Hello miniatures lovers! I had planned to do some Independence Day inspired mini cakes and pastries but then I had a bad accident with my oven that scared me to death and so I'd been able to do just one cake (not to mention, I have to change the oven now). So, this is my miniature 4th of July cake and of course it's decorated with stars and stripes... and it comes with a paper box I made with photo quality paper.
And as usually it's already listed on my Etsy shop: 4th of July cake

And so, it's too late now to do more... and this will be the only 4th of July cake ... I'm quite happy with the final result and I find the paper box really pretty, though I had a hard time putting the cake on the paper doily, so that it could be also placed in the box and the box could be closed easily.

Before this decent cake was released, I had played with Fimo a bit, thinking about a possible cake ... and what I came up with was THIS:

 This is probably the most horrible cake I've ever made. First of all, I mean, seriously... who would ever eat a blue cake? And what are those white crumbles inside of it? And the stars are too big and wrong!

 Ok then ...let's look at the paper box. What's that dark blue circle on the flag image?!? What happened during the printing?!

So, the cake is horrible and the paper box is not good.
But because this duo is just really something and I feel somebody might like it (after all, it's just about the blue color and the wrong stars, and the failed print...), the first customer that spends 40$ or more on my Etsy shop and leaves me this note, or convo me leaving this note: "I want that weird cake" will receive this cake and the box FOR FREE!
(the cake will be glued onto the same silver doily as the right one and it will be polished)

martedì 7 giugno 2011

New fast food items, miniature table and AIM Imag.

Hello there!
I've got some new miniatures to show but first of all I want to tell you about the new issue of AIM Imag because it's beautiful as usual and it features this blog of mine! Woohoo! This is the link to the magazine: AIM Imag June/July and my blog is featured on pages 44-45.

Now let's move on with more fast food miniatures, here they are:

These are some paper boxes of maxi, tasty vegetables, onions and pepperoni pizzas.
Do you recognize the little pizza on the box? Is one of the miniature pizzas I made for my wooden board "Making an italian pizza".

And now a fast food meal in a paper box. If you don't like chicken ... well, this is not for you, because we have a chicken burger, chicken popcorn, fried and cripsy chicken. Fries and a fresh coke to make it perfect!

Everything is by MiniAcquoline fast food, the best in the miniature world!

Fried popcorn chicken in a paper box, fries and a chicken burger with the best crispy chicken ever. 

To finish, I've got to show you a miniature table which has been requested by a close friend of mine. She told me she wanted a miniature table with cookies, biscuits, italian pastries and mixed desserts and what she absolutely wanted was a two tier strawberry cake, with whipped cream and fresh strawberries on top and sliced ones on the sides.
So this is what I created for her: I'm pretty satisfied with it and she liked it too. You can see I put my famous italian babà, cannoli and sfogliatelle, some chocolate and cream cupcakes, mixed biscuits and the strawberry cake, which I find very cute and elegant too, on that rectangular paper doily, with heart-shaped cookies next to it.

The table cloth looks really big but I haven't glued in onto the table yet.