sabato 25 giugno 2011

Independence Day cake and mistakes (for free) ...

Hello miniatures lovers! I had planned to do some Independence Day inspired mini cakes and pastries but then I had a bad accident with my oven that scared me to death and so I'd been able to do just one cake (not to mention, I have to change the oven now). So, this is my miniature 4th of July cake and of course it's decorated with stars and stripes... and it comes with a paper box I made with photo quality paper.
And as usually it's already listed on my Etsy shop: 4th of July cake

And so, it's too late now to do more... and this will be the only 4th of July cake ... I'm quite happy with the final result and I find the paper box really pretty, though I had a hard time putting the cake on the paper doily, so that it could be also placed in the box and the box could be closed easily.

Before this decent cake was released, I had played with Fimo a bit, thinking about a possible cake ... and what I came up with was THIS:

 This is probably the most horrible cake I've ever made. First of all, I mean, seriously... who would ever eat a blue cake? And what are those white crumbles inside of it? And the stars are too big and wrong!

 Ok then ...let's look at the paper box. What's that dark blue circle on the flag image?!? What happened during the printing?!

So, the cake is horrible and the paper box is not good.
But because this duo is just really something and I feel somebody might like it (after all, it's just about the blue color and the wrong stars, and the failed print...), the first customer that spends 40$ or more on my Etsy shop and leaves me this note, or convo me leaving this note: "I want that weird cake" will receive this cake and the box FOR FREE!
(the cake will be glued onto the same silver doily as the right one and it will be polished)

2 commenti:

  1. It is not that bad, but you did make me smile......

  2. HAHAHA! Thanks Janice =) My mom and I are always kinda ò_O when we watch that blue cake...but I know it's not that horrible ..just weird!