martedì 7 giugno 2011

New fast food items, miniature table and AIM Imag.

Hello there!
I've got some new miniatures to show but first of all I want to tell you about the new issue of AIM Imag because it's beautiful as usual and it features this blog of mine! Woohoo! This is the link to the magazine: AIM Imag June/July and my blog is featured on pages 44-45.

Now let's move on with more fast food miniatures, here they are:

These are some paper boxes of maxi, tasty vegetables, onions and pepperoni pizzas.
Do you recognize the little pizza on the box? Is one of the miniature pizzas I made for my wooden board "Making an italian pizza".

And now a fast food meal in a paper box. If you don't like chicken ... well, this is not for you, because we have a chicken burger, chicken popcorn, fried and cripsy chicken. Fries and a fresh coke to make it perfect!

Everything is by MiniAcquoline fast food, the best in the miniature world!

Fried popcorn chicken in a paper box, fries and a chicken burger with the best crispy chicken ever. 

To finish, I've got to show you a miniature table which has been requested by a close friend of mine. She told me she wanted a miniature table with cookies, biscuits, italian pastries and mixed desserts and what she absolutely wanted was a two tier strawberry cake, with whipped cream and fresh strawberries on top and sliced ones on the sides.
So this is what I created for her: I'm pretty satisfied with it and she liked it too. You can see I put my famous italian babà, cannoli and sfogliatelle, some chocolate and cream cupcakes, mixed biscuits and the strawberry cake, which I find very cute and elegant too, on that rectangular paper doily, with heart-shaped cookies next to it.

The table cloth looks really big but I haven't glued in onto the table yet.

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