martedì 28 giugno 2011

A picnic in the park

Since I've sold the miniature picnic I had made some time ago, I thought I'd better do one more, because I really liked the previous one and it had been featured in a lot of treasuries on Etsy. Then I found out I had so many items that could fit that I could do at least two or maybe even three miniature picnics!
So here are my two miniature picnics and there might be a third one, I already have one basket ready so I'll see.

This first one  looks like the old one, because it has a thermos in the basket and then the rectangular basket with cherries... but the big basket is really richer and fuller than the old one because there's a lot of stuff in there: a sandwich, different cheeses, pieces of fried chicken, focaccia bread, an italian pie, a little bread with sliced salami. And then on the green tablecloth there's lot more as you can see, including a homemade tart.

This second one here is a bit different because there are new items in the basket, like a bottle of Fanta and a book of cake recipes and then we have a round pie with vegetables and cheese cream on the tablecloth. I also added a little plate with some fresh fruit, sliced watermelom, a green apple and cherries, two little cakes with apricot jam and then because this picnic needed something salty, I put a little sandwich and a slice of pizza with cheese.

All the miniature baskets are also handmaded by me!

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  1. Hola me encantan las cestitas del picnic ,,,esta todo genial ,,besoss