martedì 5 luglio 2011

Keeping it simple. Basic fruit cakes.

Hey! I must admit, after my accident with the oven I wasn't really in the mood for miniature making and so I used miniatures I already had. But then I started getting bored and thought "what could I do for this summer?" and an idea came to my mind! I was inspired by my Independence Day cake in a box and thought of doing simple basic fruit cakes for the summer, each one in its box.
I never told you but I really can't stand chocolate in real life, and I never eat those beautiful cakes with chocolate miniaturists always make. So I decided to do cakes I finally could have eaten in real life!

So here are my four cakes (I'm planning to do more):

They couldn't be more simple and basic. No cream, just fresh fruit. They're very colorful, with their paper doily and their boxes.

As you can see here, each one can be put in the box.

                                                        Or you can display them like this:

The kiwi cake is probably my very favourite one:

The kiwi slices on the box are amazing! 

The lemon cake looks yummy enough to be eaten! It must be light but yet delicious...

I also wanted to add, take a look at the treasury I made tonight at 2 am. I mean, you can really tell it was so late and I was sleepy and dizzy, can't you? =)
I featured a miniature cheesecake my Tiny Delights btw.

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