domenica 17 luglio 2011

Sicilian summer: cassata cake

Italian cassata siciliana: a delicious sponge cake layered with a cream of ricotta cheese and chocolate pieces, then covered with green pastel colored icing and white decorations, and finally topped with candied fruit as cherries and slices of sicilian lemons.

And these are the miniatures I made this week and now ... my eyes hurt! Hahahaha!

This is the classic cake, it's sliced and it's glued onto an elegant kinda baroque plastic doily.
As you can see, it's topped with a lot of candied fruit and cherries.

This is a handmade wooden board with everything you need to prepare the cassata cake and then of course, the finished cake.

Now, something I don't usually do: a ring. I thought it was really colorful and cute, and so I put one of the slices of cassata on this ring.

And these are the slices, each one on a flower-shaped plastic doily.

To see more pictures or purchase a miniature: Miniature cassata siciliana cakes

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