domenica 18 settembre 2011

New Halloween miniatures

Hi everybody!
I'm back with some new miniatures and they're of course Halloween miniatures! I had some miniatures left from last year, but I wanted to do something new and this is what I made.
They're all available on my Etsy shop and there you will also find more detailed pictures of each one.

I made two cakes and some cupcakes with their paper boxes, just like the ones I had made some time ago for my fruit cakes, because I thought they were so nice and so I wanted to do the same for Halloween.
Then I made a very colorful and funny wooden board with lots and lots of treats, pastries and cookies. It's cool for a Halloween party or breakfast.
And last but not least a wooden cart to carry around on Halloween, with a spooky ghost and a spooky scarecrow made with pumpkins and some more treats and pumpkins ...

So this is it, they're not too many because I have a new oven at home now and I can't use it to bake my miniatures, since it's brand new and perfect!
Well ... I hope you like them and you'll eventually take a look at my Etsy shop to see more and see the Halloween miniatures I had previously made.


giovedì 1 settembre 2011

AIM's IMag September Issue out now!

A very quick post to say that this month issue of AIM's IMag is ammmmazing and you simply have to take a look at it because it features some wonderful food miniatures and other beautiful projects made by the talented AIM members.

So this is the link to the free magazine online:

September Issue - Come dine with us

And also, my miniature Broadway table has been featured on AIM's blog, here: