mercoledì 12 dicembre 2012


Hello everybody!
This is what I've been doing recently... a lot and I mean A LOT of fishes for a table a friend wanted to give as a Christmas gift to a friend of hers.
So then, I made one for my friend and one for my friend's friend.
And then, because it was so beautiful I made another one for my Etsy shop.

One of these tables is going to be available soon on my Etsy shop!

Enjoy <3 

sabato 27 ottobre 2012

New roombox: Christmas at home

Hello everybody! I'm back with a new miniature roombox. As you can see, the them is Christmas.
The most beautiful thing about December and Christmas is the special warmth and glow it gives to our homes. The decorations, the tree, the advents calendar, the gifts, a beautiful wreath, everything brings magic to our lives and houses.
It's extremely inspiring and it's a special joy, reproducing a living room on Christmas time.
Making Halloween miniatures is so funny, making Christmas miniatures brings back a lot of sweet, warm memories of the past, when I was a happy kid.

Instead of leaving the wall white, I choose to give it a realistic effect using papers I found on magazines. It makes the whole space warmer and cosier.

 I've always had big beautiful advents calendars. It's a tradition! Not an italian tradition, I know, but it's a special tradition in my family, I find it poetic and sweet.

I wanted to put a little "Home sweet home" picture, but then I found this and it looks perfect, just like grandma's needlework.

That little table is full of delicious food. Yummy!
And a bottle of Champagne (for grown-ups only!)

The fireplace I made looks pretty fine. Somebody already used it as you can see by the burnt pieces of wood inside.
Decorating a miniature tree was a lot of fun and wrapping the gifts has always been my favourite part, in real life too!

More pictures here: miniature roombox

venerdì 6 aprile 2012

Halloween party and Italian kitchen roombox

It's Easter time everybody!! So, I decided to make ...a Halloween party table.
I love Halloween miniatures and since I had sold the big table I made one year ago, I simply had to make a new one. What I particularly like about this is the tablecloth: it's so colorful and funny and Halloween-themed I could stare at it for minutes to find all the little ghosts and treats...since I have some more of these clothes I'll make other Halloween tables using them.

And now my first roombox!
It's a view of an italian kitchen and I like the vintage advertising posters on the wall, they make the whole scene more realistic and everything looks so rustic and smells of good old Italy!

See more here: Italian kitchen roombox
Halloween table

martedì 13 marzo 2012

Painting on the wall...

What does a miniaturist do when she doesn't make miniatures?
I bet you have wondered what a miniatures does in her free time, when she doesn't play with Fimo or Cernit and miniatures forks and tables... well, that's easy... she simply plays with stencils and paint!

This is what I like doing when I don't have anything else to do or when I want to take a break from the miniature world: I paint on the walls.

This is my bedroom wall and the first time I painted something on it was 6 years ago, when I wrote various things and lines taken from songs, mostly during the night, when I couldn't sleep.

One month ago, I painted the big lady you can see in this picture here:


This is how I started: I took a picture of Bea Arthur as Maude and I modified it with Photoshop, then I printed it and put the pieces together again, put it on the wall and painted the contour lines with a blue felt tip pen. Then I removed the stencil and painted the whole Maude with acrylic paint.

And I made the same to do this: CHA CHA... CHAIRS!

And this is the Bette Davis I made today, using the very same method:

What do you think, do you like these?
Have you guessed who my favourite actresses in the whole world are?

Lots of love,
Natalia - MiniAcquoline

domenica 19 febbraio 2012

NEW tables I am!

Hello everybody, I know it's been a while... but now I'm back with some miniature tables I've just made.
I hope you like them and I hope I'll be back soon with new items.

This is a new version of my previous table I had made with italian pasta.

This is a new one I've made because I want spring to come! I'm tired ot this cold snowy winter and so I put some colorful cupcakes, cakes and eggs on a ground table covered with a light green cloth.

And this one is a new version of a table I had previously made for a friend of mine.

She had asked me for a miniature table full of desserts, cakes, pastry and biscuits and I made her a beautiful table with this same big cake with cream and strawberries.

Here, I've added another big round cake with pink cream and cranberries and a slice of my cassata cake.

There also a lot of other pastries, including a miniature Babà and Sfogliatella on a ceramic plate, Baci di Dama biscuits in a plastic bowl and mixed cupcakes and pies with jam. 
Visit my Etsy shop to see more pictures of these tables: