domenica 19 febbraio 2012

NEW tables I am!

Hello everybody, I know it's been a while... but now I'm back with some miniature tables I've just made.
I hope you like them and I hope I'll be back soon with new items.

This is a new version of my previous table I had made with italian pasta.

This is a new one I've made because I want spring to come! I'm tired ot this cold snowy winter and so I put some colorful cupcakes, cakes and eggs on a ground table covered with a light green cloth.

And this one is a new version of a table I had previously made for a friend of mine.

She had asked me for a miniature table full of desserts, cakes, pastry and biscuits and I made her a beautiful table with this same big cake with cream and strawberries.

Here, I've added another big round cake with pink cream and cranberries and a slice of my cassata cake.

There also a lot of other pastries, including a miniature Babà and Sfogliatella on a ceramic plate, Baci di Dama biscuits in a plastic bowl and mixed cupcakes and pies with jam. 
Visit my Etsy shop to see more pictures of these tables: