sabato 27 ottobre 2012

New roombox: Christmas at home

Hello everybody! I'm back with a new miniature roombox. As you can see, the them is Christmas.
The most beautiful thing about December and Christmas is the special warmth and glow it gives to our homes. The decorations, the tree, the advents calendar, the gifts, a beautiful wreath, everything brings magic to our lives and houses.
It's extremely inspiring and it's a special joy, reproducing a living room on Christmas time.
Making Halloween miniatures is so funny, making Christmas miniatures brings back a lot of sweet, warm memories of the past, when I was a happy kid.

Instead of leaving the wall white, I choose to give it a realistic effect using papers I found on magazines. It makes the whole space warmer and cosier.

 I've always had big beautiful advents calendars. It's a tradition! Not an italian tradition, I know, but it's a special tradition in my family, I find it poetic and sweet.

I wanted to put a little "Home sweet home" picture, but then I found this and it looks perfect, just like grandma's needlework.

That little table is full of delicious food. Yummy!
And a bottle of Champagne (for grown-ups only!)

The fireplace I made looks pretty fine. Somebody already used it as you can see by the burnt pieces of wood inside.
Decorating a miniature tree was a lot of fun and wrapping the gifts has always been my favourite part, in real life too!

More pictures here: miniature roombox