venerdì 4 ottobre 2013

Little Italy

Back with some new miniatures and it's time for some italian food now.

I made two types of italian lasagne: Lasagne alla bolognese, with meat and tomato sauce and Lasagne al pesto, with basil sauce. Both are yummy and crispy and delicious and 100% italian!

Cats hair everywhere =D !!

I also made another type of italian pasta, Cannelloni with pesto sauce. They're almost like a lasagna rolled over with a filling made with bechamel, sliced potatoes, green beans and pesto sauce.

And last but not least, a Pasqualina Cake from Liguria as well. It's made with chards, eggs, pecorino cheese, ricotta cheese and a hard-boiled egg in the middle of the filling.

Everything available on my Etsy shop.

martedì 1 ottobre 2013

Last custom orders

Today I want to share with you some of the miniatures I made for my last custom orders. It has been great, working for such nice customers who asked me wonderful miniatures. They've given me the inspiration I needed to go back to work and think of new miniatures.

First of all, I made these three boards: "How to make italian ravioli". I had no boards ready to use, so I had to make them, find the wood pieces, saw them and put them all together. Funny job, I always like to play the little carpenter of the house who prepare wood things, boards, tables and so on... I have to make such things since my dad died thanks to a wrong diagnosis (in 3 months, of pancreatic cancer in 2011) and we have no man in the house.
Anyway, these are the boards:

Then I was requested to make the cutest charm ever on the cutest necklace ever. First I made some cassata cake slice charms and then when the customer choose the one she preferred, I made a short necklace with a pink cord and here it is:

And last but not least I got a huge beautiful custom order and this week I made all these miniatures, which the customer choose from the tables I have on my Etsy shop. I know some people see the big tables I make and sometimes they don't want the whole table, but still they want a specific miniature, so if that's your case, ask me and I will do that special miniature for you, like I did this time!
What do we have here? Let's see:

From my Milanese table we have the Christmas "Panettone", "Ossobuchi alla Milanese", "Cotolette alla Milanese" or schnitzels. Then we have something from my Ligurian table: the codfish, the "Torta Pasqualina" cake the "Pesto" preparation board, the "Pasta with Pesto sauce", the "Focaccia" bread, and the "Cima alla Genovese" meatloaf. From my Sicilian table, the "Pasta alla Norma" with tomato sauce and aubergines.

Also, I'll be putting some new miniatures on my Etsy shop because I made some new ones while I was working for this order.
Thanks for reading my blog,

venerdì 20 settembre 2013

Halloween table - outdoor party

A new Halloween table, this time it's for an outdoor party with lots of kids and delicious treats and pastries.

Thanks for reading and watching my blog,
Lots of love,

mercoledì 18 settembre 2013

Halloween party table

I'm back with a table woohoo! 
The funniest tables to make are the Halloween ones. Here's this year Halloween party table. It's bigger, it's more colorful, it's full of pastries, cupcakes, cookies, treats and candies.
I'll be back soon with more Halloween miniatures.


martedì 17 settembre 2013

Halloween cakes

I haven't been doing many miniatures lately, mainly because it was too hot to work during the summer and I didn't want to turn on the oven. I had no ideas and I probably lost my inspiration, so I did other stuff and I played with beads to create new types of necklaces for my jewelry designing.
Thanks to a custom order, I got some new inspiration and I got in the right mood to create something new in terms of miniature making an so, here I am now with these brand new Halloween cakes.
Ah, Halloween.... my favourite time of the year to make miniatures!!
I didn't want to do the same types of spooky Halloween cakes, so I decided to do plain chocolate and pumpkin cakes, and play with the decoration on top, using what I call "the Bucaneve biscuit" and on the sides, with orange and yellow swirls. I have added a paper box to put the cake in, as a plus.
I also made Halloween macarons. I never did so I wanted to try doing them for the first time.

I hope you'll like them, and follow me in the next days because I'll post new Halloween miniatures...BIG miniatures ;)

Please visit my Halloween section of my Etsy shop  to see all the pictures of all the cakes.

Lots of love,

Halloween Macarons in a black paper box

venerdì 17 maggio 2013

Italian Pizza - 100% authentic italian taste

This is the new version of a previous board I made some time ago.

It's all about showing how to make the real, genuine, tasty and delicious italian pizza from Napoli. 
Juicy tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, black olives and some good olive oil on top. That's how we make it here!