venerdì 4 ottobre 2013

Little Italy

Back with some new miniatures and it's time for some italian food now.

I made two types of italian lasagne: Lasagne alla bolognese, with meat and tomato sauce and Lasagne al pesto, with basil sauce. Both are yummy and crispy and delicious and 100% italian!

Cats hair everywhere =D !!

I also made another type of italian pasta, Cannelloni with pesto sauce. They're almost like a lasagna rolled over with a filling made with bechamel, sliced potatoes, green beans and pesto sauce.

And last but not least, a Pasqualina Cake from Liguria as well. It's made with chards, eggs, pecorino cheese, ricotta cheese and a hard-boiled egg in the middle of the filling.

Everything available on my Etsy shop.

4 commenti:

  1. Vere golosità italiane. Brava!

  2. Everything looks so yummy... I wish my food came out better. I need to practice more....