martedì 30 settembre 2014

Italian pastry and jelly cakes

Hello miniature lovers!
I have some new miniatures for you, but not Halloween miniatures yet... I know... I am not working so much in these days...I am trying to put together miniatures I already have, instead on doing new ones. 
Lazy lazy girl I know!
I hope I'll find the right mood to start again and do something new for Halloween. In the meantime I am going to share with you something I put together yesterday.

First, let's start with some classic miniatures by MiniAcquoline: rum babà and sfogliatelle from Napoli and cannoli from Sicily. I had hundreds of single italian pastries left from previous works and projects and I thought I should make trays with them. They fit in miniature pastry shops, miniature kitchens, on miniature tables...they're almost my trademark as you know.

Now something colorful and funny to add a touch of color to the upcoming month of October: an orange jelly with fresh slices of orange all around the base.

I really don't know how to call this miniature, is it a jelly? A bundt cake? A cake? A pudding? 
Let's say it's a mix of all these: a banana cake with a chocolate base.

I promise I'll be back soon with something new, a table maybe.

Have a good day,