venerdì 11 settembre 2015

Halloween tables and miniatures

As promised, I am back with some Halloween miniatures and tables.

Let's start with the tables.
This is the wizard or witch, which one you like best, table:

I am especially proud of the skull. I put a lot of effort in it, trying to do the nose and the orbits in the right way!! Especially the orbits, as I am an expert on eyes and eye sockets...

These are poisoned apples... yes, they look a lot like *that* poisoned apple...

Now I want to share with you two Halloween party tables, something I have done in the past and I do every year for Halloween:

I definitely have to do more of these mummy cookies because they are so adorable!!

And last but not least, a collage of my Halloween cakes and a carved pumpkin:

I hope you like my Halloween miniatures, I have more to share, I just need few more days to complete them. In the meantime you can visit my Etsy to see more pictures or purchase these tables or miniatures:


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