mercoledì 30 settembre 2015

I love custom orders! My "Back to the Future" miniature cake and more.

Hello everybody!

I have had a pretty hectic time, my cat has been sick for days and is not well yet and I must admit making miniatures was probably the last of my priorities.

But because I have received and managed to process some custom orders, today I want to share with you the miniatures I have made for my wonderful customers, who always prove to have some great ideas I would have never thought of.

The first request I received was to make a miniature cake inspired by the movie "Back to the Future".
I am not a movie-person and I must admit I have never seen the movie. Shame on me! 
What I was requested to do anyway, was to reproduce the original "Welcome home Uncle Joey" cake. The customer attached the original movie frame and I accepted the challenge.
This is a good example of what I mean when I say sometimes customers have great ideas and help me go beyond my limits to explore new techniques and projects. 

Even though it was complicated, I managed to achieve a good miniature copy. 
At first I was worried I would not be able to write such a long sentence with such tiny words. Then I was appalled by all the other details, especially the bird's feathers, eye and beak.
But I did it all. And it was great. Considering the size.

Then I received another custom order. This time the subject was far more traditional, but what was not regular was the scale. I usually work in 1:12 scale but the customer needed these Christmas puddings in a bigger scale, I would say 1:4. The customer attached some pictures and once again I tried to follow her instructions.
I am usually a mess with creams and icings on top of puddings and bundt cakes but these three boys have turned out pretty good and jolly. The holly leaves were so much easier to make in this scale than in 1:12 scale but I definitely want to make these in dollhouse scale as well.

I am currently working on another custom order and as soon as it is ready I will share it with you.
Talking about regular miniatures, I have recently made this little Fall market stall with squashes.
It is littler than my regular tables and I wanted to make it really Fall-market-like, if this is even a word!


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