martedì 8 settembre 2015

Miniature tables for Fall

Hi everybody! 
These last weeks have been pretty full with work and many new miniatures are ready, including some spooky and funny Halloween ones. But today I am sharing with you some pictures of two miniature tables I have made for the upcoming Fall season.
One is a classic. A wooden rustic table full of colorful pumpkins and squashes.

The other one is an American classic. A miniature messy kitchen table full of ingredients and tools everyone should use to prepare a delicious, spicy, sweet and soft pumpkin pie.
There are also some Fall vegetables and fruits on the right you should not use to make this pie, but I liked the idea of having a little corner of Fall products.

And this is how a well-baked pumpkin pie should look like, at least in the miniature world!

See more pictures of my pumpkins/squashes table on my Etsy shop!

And here you will find my Pumpkin Pie table.

These are my Fall tables. I have some miniatures too I will show you soon and then get ready fot the Halloween ones because I really worked hard for Halloween this year...
Natalia - MiniAcquoline

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  1. Que hermosas calabazas y que ricas recetas se preparan con ellas!!! Son muy reales,esa pulpa de la calabaza abierta está muy jugosa!!!!

    1. Gracias!! Estoy muy contenta de que te gusten mis calabazas!

  2. Everything looks so incredible. Awesome! Congratulation, you are very talented ;D
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