sabato 17 ottobre 2015

I quit.

I am quitting. MiniAcquoline is a failure, my whole life is a failure. 
It takes courage to admit it and go on living after all that has happened to me in these past 6 years. My dad died of an undiagnosed cancer, I have Graves' disease and TED, I have not been able to graduate or have a job, people have always been treating me like a shitty creep, I now have double vision after decompression surgery, I weight 88 pounds, I never go out and my miniature making is bad. 
I hate life, I hate everything, I can't fake a happy life I will never have. My life is a nightmare, I can't take it anymore.

giovedì 8 ottobre 2015

Squashes are never enough!

 This year I have discovered how fun it is, to sculpt squashes and pumpkins.

 I love this sea urchin-looking squash:

 Natalia - MiniAcquoline