My name's Natalia, I'm 25 and I'm from Italy.
Miniatures have been my biggest passion since I was a child, when my parents used to build dollhouses, room boxes and made fake food using polymer clay.

I've just recently started to sell my own miniatures, the "MiniAcquoline" on Etsy.
MiniAcquoline is the italian for "miniature food which makes everyone's mouth water".
I love doing miniatures so much that I hope some day it will eventually become my full-time job.

All the food miniatures I sell here are handmade, except for some dishes, spoons, knives and cups I have to buy.
I also produce wooden tables and boards, the little books on my tables and some plastic cups and plates.
I care for what I'm doing and I take all the time I need to make my miniatures look as realistic as possible. Since I don't like low quality when I buy miniatures from others, I always work for the best and try to satisfy my customers' requests.
All the items are handmade, each one is a OOAK. Two items can be really similar, almost identical, but not perfect copies.

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